One of the research methods used in HOBOhemia project is photovoice. Researcher (or community developement iniciator) provides to participants disposable cameras in order to document and reflect their everydayness. In the HOBOhemia we are following principles inherent to photovoice, i.e. giving voice to the homeless and, in doing so, give them power to reflect their own concerns and to communicate it effectively to the wider public.

How does it work in the HOBOhemia project?

Photovoice method is intended for participants, who have been already asked in previous parts of the research and showed interest in the method. Instructions are intentionally very simple, so that the participants wouldn´t be burdened too much in the course of the day: take a series of photographs during your one ordinary day and document places where you spend your time. Participants were told to keep in mind, that their worldview is exactly what is wanted in this process.